Table of Contents

Photographer: Giovannni Pancino (2015)
Photographer: Giovannni Pancino (2015)



  1. Chapter 1-France
  2. Chapter 2-Danse D’Ecole
  3. Chapter 3-Expansion & Innovation
  4. Chapter 4-Bournonville and the Danish Development
  5. Chapter 5- The Golden Age of Russian Ballet
  6. Chapter 6-La Decadence
  7. Chapter 7-New Ballet
  8. Chapter8-Schools of Ballet
  9. Chapter 9-Romantic Britain
  10. Chapter 10-Heroic Ballet aka The White Knight
  11. Chapter 11-Revisionary Russia
  12. Chapter 12-The Impresarios
  13. Chapter 13-Is Balanchine the Last Choreographer?



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a portable history of ballet

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